About Us

The Reyes Irene Valenzuela Project has extensive experience working with adolescent girls and young women domestic workers in private homes in conditions of high socioeconomic vulnerability and with another group that works in the informal sector (they sell tortillas, sweets, vegetables in the streets, meals in the markets). For more than 12 years  has developed formal educational processes certified by the Ministry of Education, contributing to the educational inclusion of this segment of the population. It has also developed educational modalities based on the comprehensive protection of children within the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child / 1989. We carry out actions of advocacy and protection against labor exploitation of adolescent girls and young women workers inspired by ILO Conventions, regarding the eradication of abusive, harmful and exploitative forms of childhood, emphasizing in forms analogous to servitude, inherent to domestic work. We carry out actions aimed at strengthening capacities of resilience, self-esteem, training in human rights, labor training alternative to servitude and its programs make a strong emphasis on the social role and the culture of peace.


Being a comprehensive learning space, which forged people with principles and humanist values, incorporating technology, which has the infrastructure to meet the basic needs of students, trained, dynamic, creative and committed to the educational aspirations of staff and young women who work and study in order to comply with standards of educational quality capable of graduating leaders, sensitive and committed women to a more just and equitable society.


Being a space for learning and positive coexistence and respect that educates adolescents and young workers through a basic quality education in a participatory environment based on respect for human rights and the prospect of peace and justice.

Strategic Objective / Development Objective

Contribute to the formal and complementary educational inclusion (human formation and employability) of adolescents and young women who work in domestic workers and others in the informal sector, with a focus on human rights, in order to improve their living conditions. employability and mitigate gender inequalities.