Life history of Sister Maria Rosa

Sor María Rosa Leggol O.S.F is a Honduran woman who was born in November 21, 1926. At an early age lost her parents but she was raised by her God fathers. At that age she had to work to help the family expenses; when she was six by personal decision she joined a girls’ home of the Franciscan Sisters which moved her to the city of Comayagua; It was the place where she began to dream on homes for orphaned children, this was her dream she focused on since that early age. She was formed with the Franciscan sisters and became a member of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the province of Latin American (O.S.F.).
By doing nursing work with the sisters in the Polyclinic hospital in Comayagüela, she met many families, business people and began to talk about her dream of creating homes for orphaned children. It is in this place that she found a group of businessmen who gave their support and entrusted her the destinations of SAN. 

The organization was named Sociedad Amigos de los Niños (S.A.N)  Sister Maria Rosa O.S.F., has been and still is a character with much influence in the community and  has started and directed a great number of social welfare programs to improve the quality of life of many families and children throughout Honduras. There are many children and young people that have found on her a helping hand that showed them the loving face of God by giving them opportunities to be better people; today many of these children are productive citizens belonging to healthy families inside and outside our country, some of them are giving something back by cooperating in the various projects of SAN.