Fundamentals Pillars

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    The educational component is recognized before the Secretary of Education of Honduras as a school with the distance mode that offers:
    1. 7th, 8th and 9th grade.
    2. The Technical Professional Bachelors in Computing, Accounting and Finance; Health and Community Nutrition. (3 years)
    3. The Bachelor of Science and Humanities. (2 years)

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    It seeks the development of attitudes, relationships and social values that have an impact on the individual and collective growth of young workers. The young workers, trained in the human dimension, act coherently with proactive and proper values.

    1. They are people who:
    2. They recognize their role in society,
    3. They value institutions and strengthen the family;
    4. They respect themselves and others;
    5. They value their body and their innovative capacity,
    6. They understand cultural diversity,
    7. Act responsibly in making decisions and
    8. They promote equality, justice and respect for human rights.

    The Topics are:
    Gender Equality, Children and youth Rights, Culture of Peace, Conflict Resolution in a pacific way, Multiple Intelligences, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Self Esteem and Emotional Intelligence.

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    Develop job skills, knowledge, skills, experiences and attitudes for better job performance or self-employment.
    Modules of:
    1. Lecture-Writing: It aims to improve listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing.
    2. Basic arithmetic: WHAT WE DO: we develop logical thinking and critical thinking.
    3. Vocational workshops: training in non-formal occupations.
    4. Business plan: develop an idea about what to sell according to the target market you want to reach.
    In employability we have a Labor Intermediation Platform to bring young people to jobs with local companies.

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    Within the daily activities the rights to education, health, legal advice and psychological support are restored.

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